“Creation is defined as reflecting light, order, harmony, perfection, infinity, and filled with divine Love.”

(1) What do you feel the word creation implies?
From my reading of the chapter, “Creation”, I feel the word creation implies perfect God and perfect man. God, throughout this chapter, is defined as Mind, infinite, Spirit, all good. His creation is defined as the image or reflection of God, including perfection, immortality, goodness, and spirituality. Creation or spiritual reality is further defined as reflecting light, order, harmony, perfection, infinity, and filled with divine Love. Spiritual ideas are further defined as loving unselfishly, working patiently, doing right, and as expressing self-abnegation, spiritual living, and blessedness.  

(2) In your own words describe your impressions of the chapter “Creation” in Science and Health.
The chapter on creation is very inspiring and helpful, lifting thought above mortal, material conceptions of God and man, and of sin and sickness into spiritual reality, and into the consciousness and sense of God and man as created in and of Spirit.  It helps to raise thought above a material selfhood and reality and into the spiritual sense of man as outlined, expressed, and formed in all good, beauty, and grace.

(3) How can the increased understanding of true creation make a difference in your life?  Better yet, share with us how the truth of creation has been, or is being, demonstrated in your life.
One example of the truth of creation demonstrated in my life is that during a previous position, I was tempted to give in to thoughts of failure and defeat. Although from reading and listening to this chapter, this citation stood out to me: “They make man an involuntary hypocrite, — producing evil when he would create good, forming deformity when he would outline grace and beauty, injuring those whom he would bless.” (SH 263:11-14)  I realized that only grace and beauty can be outlined in place of deformity in all that we do and in our experiences. This was an inspiration and strength to act from this viewpoint, and I worked to express more good and love and to expect good only. In another situation, this citation was helpful: “Science reveals the possibility of achieving all good, and sets mortals at work to discover what God has already done; but distrust of one’s ability to gain the goodness desired and to bring out better and higher results, often hampers the trial of one’s wings and ensures failure at the outset”. (SH 260:13)  I was asked to complete assignments and tasks I was not sure I had the ability or skills to do, although I realized that we include the ability and capability to do all we need to do. I realized that we can expect good results and success, which will also be a blessing to all, and this is exactly what happened.