“The Creation chapter teaches us to discern the real and actual from the lies…that make up the common idea of life.”

I have so much to be grateful for and so much evidence this year of Life that is always new and always unfolding more perfection to mortal thought. Our new illimitable Life continues to unfold in ways that could not have been planned or imagined by mortal thought - but I should endeavor to answer questions 1 and 2 before sharing my fruitage in number 3.

I have found it useful lately, especially when discussing Science with those who are unfamiliar, to pair the idea of creation with others such as the universe and a sense of everything that is. This tends to broaden thought and conversation beyond what appears immediately before the mortal senses and leads naturally to the idea that the truth of creation is found nowhere in matter - and so must be sought elsewhere. Many today are receptive to the idea that what is truly important cannot be found in matter and are ready to seek beyond. Creation is that which is enduring, fulfilling, and includes the qualities that Paul calls the “fruit of the Spirit.” (Gal 5:22-23)  What we read in Creation begins with this continuing spiritualization of thought and the readiness of mortals for this awakening.  It teaches us how to discern the real and actual from the lies, misconceptions, and misapprehensions that make up the common idea of life.

Trusting Mind to unfold Creation and letting go of personal sense and false responsibility has led to wonderful demonstrations this year. As an actor working to build a career, it is often (if not always) unclear to mortal sense when to take "the next step" or what such steps should be. Since last fall, when I followed inspiration to leave a "day job" which was secure but limiting, I was led to contact a talent agent with whom I had met previously. When that contact went unanswered, the regular response in the industry would be to "get the hint" and move on, but I was led to follow up and make sure she had received my initial message. Within minutes, she responded saying she was so glad I had followed up and immediately offered me representation, and this new relationship has produced lots of work and opportunities around town.

Though these opportunities have been wonderful steps and demonstrate clear growth, the need for "day job" income remained, but of course Mind saw to that as well. While attending an event for an entirely unrelated activity, the organization's executive director mentioned they were looking to hire for a new position that would include flexible hours, working remotely, and involve work about which I am passionate. About five months later, both acting and this "day job" career move continue to unfold growth and progress, and it is both freeing and empowering to understand how this growth includes no element of personality or personal responsibility, but will continue as I pursue a deeper understanding of divine creation and Love's unfoldment.