Saying “No” to materia medica was the start of the healing

I would like to thank you for the beautiful gift of testimonies sent to us. When I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. I would also like to thank you for the article you wrote for the December Journal. Reading about how Christian Science has affected your life started me rethinking how it has affected mine.

I have an experience to share that I have really never shared with anyone, mainly because of my very young age when it happened. I never gave it much thought until I grew in Christian Science and saw what was going on.

When I was between two and three years old, I caught my left hand between the motor and belt that were driving a concrete mixer. The last three fingers on my hand were badly cut and damaged. I was taken to a hospital where the doctor told my parents that he would have to amputate the fingers.

At that time my mother was not a Christian Scientist and my dad was new to Science. I also had a granddad who was studying Science. My mom told the doctor that she would not agree to the procedure. The doctor told her that if my fingers could be saved, they would be stiff and I would have no use of them. Still her answer was No. That No to materia medica and its mere speculation was the start of the healing.

I have always had full use of those fingers. I played football and volleyball in high school and volleyball in college. I do remember seeing the doctor in town one day, and he asked me to flex my fingers and squeeze his hand. He couldn’t believe the flexibility and strength I had.

In reading the testimonies that you sent I couldn’t help but feel the omnipresence and omnipotence of divine Love. What can’t Love do? As Mrs. Eddy says in Prose Works, there is nowhere you can go where Love has not already been. Your article and the testimonies woke me up to finally sharing my experience and gratitude to God and our Leader and Discoverer Mrs. Eddy.