Understanding more clearly than ever that it is God who does the work

Please accept my deepest gratitude for the wonderful collection of testimonies you sent to us, for this best of Christmas gifts in 2011. I love testimonies and the fact that you’ve always emphasized having them at Association and in the Association messages you send us throughout the year.

I want to read all of the testimonies again and make notes on the metaphysical points associated with the healings. There were two testimonies that “blew me away”—the mother who revived her seemingly deceased child and the practitioner who prayed all night for the patient in their home.

The testimonies make me think of the powerful treatments I received early in my study of Christian Science, when I was raising my family. Currently, I have constant proof of God’s control of my day-to-day experience. I understand more clearly than I ever have that it is God who does the work.

However, at this point my answer to the questions you posed is to feel very humble at the depth and challenges they present. I’m embarrassed to say that such a call for prayer seems overwhelming. Years ago when my daughter faced such a challenge I had the support of a practitioner. It was a wonderfully frightening time. Frightening because of the material picture and wonderful when the truth revealed itself.

For now I’m praying to grow in seeing the allness of Spirit in my study and daily life.