Note from a practitioner who works in our practice office

A man was referred to our office by The Mother Church Reading Room. The man came to visit with me and I worked for him. When he went home, two doctors spontaneously told him that they didn’t recommend his having an operation that had been scheduled. 

Since then, we have worked together at times. He was in touch today, telling me that the doctor had just looked at the situation again. The doctor said what a good thing it was that they hadn’t done any operating, because now it wasn’t needed.

This same man also recommended that an acquaintance be in touch with me. The acquaintance was an immigrant from China who had been given a verdict that her cancer was so extensive and advanced that there wasn’t any hope—there was no way to treat it. The woman was in a lot of pain and despair. She didn’t seem to be able to read, and was still thinking in terms of medicine to handle the pain. So, on the surface, it didn’t seem like much to work with. Except that the emails from her were reaching out for any help at all. 

I prayed about the situation and about God’s supremacy. I also shared ideas by email for some weeks, as she assured me that she wanted me to do that.

I hadn’t heard from this woman for a couple of months, but the man from the office visit just told me that his acquaintance has been recovering. It is apparently a vigorous recovery, though the woman isn’t really sure why. She is now preparing for a working trip to Paris. I find this all very instructive.