“I woke the next morning healed, fresh and looking forward to my adventure”

I almost had to call a practitioner last August with an intestinal problem.  I have no idea what the medical name or cause was, absolutely refused to “go there,” and one after another strange problem would be presented for acceptance.  I did not keep records (only mortal history) but it probably lasted a couple of weeks.  I casually mentioned it to someone and she matter-of-factly mentioned handling “time” and “fear.”  Among thoughts attacking was the feeling of being alone.  I had only been in my new location a few weeks, and felt a little far away to call my former practitioner (though distance does not matter.)  Like the other thoughts “being alone” was quickly put down as being ridiculous because I had many friends as well as The Comforter right here with me, along with many healing angel thoughts accumulated over the years.  That took care of the “fear” issue, but I had plans to fly to one more reunion.

Lots of various claims came and were handled, but the night before I was to board the plane another new problem hit, an upset stomach.  This new claim was so ridiculous, such a false claim, not just as frequently used jargon, but that is exactly what it was, too ridiculous to believe!  By now I was very convinced that this whole belief (again, exactly what it was) had no power, no reality, no claim, and that nothing could prevent me from being in my place.  I woke the next morning healed, fresh and looking forward to my adventure, expecting only good. (I even had more sleep than I usually have before a flight!)

During this time, I was able to keep up with all my daily activities.  I’m convinced that medical treatment would have involved a long messy period of recovery (besides costing a lot!)  I was 99% free after that, and the very minor issues over the next few days were so negligible that I had to remind myself to not stop treatment until I was healed “All the Way.”