Something about practitioners being warriors

I had two healings during a recent trip.  The first involved the symptoms of a heavy head cold that appeared to have taken charge in the middle of the night.  Although I was visiting extended family, I was feeling alone and a bit afraid.  I turned to the week’s Bible Lesson and read it through and found after this reading that the fear was gone.  This was helpful to me.  But I still seemed quite challenged by the symptoms.  I also knew I would be traveling the day after by train and tried to imagine having to deal with this sort of thing with so many people around and little privacy.  The thought kept coming that I should call a practitioner.  But I kept dismissing it.  For one thing, it was in the middle of the night.

But I went back to some things I have been thinking about lately in my work as a CS nurse.  That this work is a calling and that we are prepared.  I have been receiving more calls as of late with this thought of being available and prepared.  I likened it to the work of the CS practitioner — that they too have answered this call.  It didn’t really matter what time it was; they, as a spiritual idea (not so much person) were ready to take this call.  I did phone a practitioner, and her first response to me actually brought some laughter (quite a bit actually).  It was a perfect way to ease the concern about waking someone, and it also broke the mesmerism.  She agreed to work and shared with me some potent truths, one of which was that the warmth of divine Love was right there with me.  She also shared that I didn’t need to have a theoretical view of Science.  I could instead feel the ease in which healing comes.

I was able to rest and literally never needed another tissue that entire night, where before it seemed a “constant companion.”   I was able to move forward with the day very quickly and the healing was complete that day.  The close family member I was visiting, with whom I shared the healing with, exclaimed, “Isn’t it wonderful that we have these warriors to call upon”.  Something about this sentiment about practitioners being warriors really was wonderful to me.

On the tail end of my time away I was to visit my closer family members, and visits with them have not been smooth or altogether harmonious.  So, I was feeling some anxiety about this.  I again phoned a practitioner and had one treatment on the issue.  She shared the idea she had been working with which was spiritual sense.  She talked about man being able to perceive what isn’t always being voiced or seen (with the human eye).  It was a simple sentiment and she explained a bit further and related me back to Psalm 23 where Mrs. Eddy writes: “[Love] restoreth my soul [spiritual sense] (S&H 578:8).” 

Well, I knew the visit with my parents was on a different page when the hug my dad gave me when I first arrived lingered longer than any hug I can remember.  And the two of us shared a number of hikes in the woods with quiet conversation and appreciation of what we were viewing.  There were many, many other examples of similar harmony, one of which was a new-found realization that I have a beginning friendship with my new sister-in-law, whom I have found I have a lot in common with.  What most touched me, though, and made such an impression, was that one treatment from the practitioner, plus of course the work I was doing, but really that one treatment made way for a very harmonious visit with family.