“What she wanted was healing. And that is exactly what she got.”

Thank you for posting the recent fruitage from our 2013 Association assignment. It has prompted me to write too, rather than wait for a slew of healings.

I have been very inspired by the depth of insight and obvious love for the reader expressed by Mary Baker Eddy in “The Great Revelation” in Retrospection and Introspection. Shortly after studying it for the first time, I got a call from the First Reader of my branch church. She said she had been struggling with a very painful toothache for a couple of weeks, and finally felt led to ask a practitioner for help.

I shared what I had been learning from our assignment, and gave her a treatment. She promised to get in touch during the week, before we met again at the service on Sunday. I did not hear from her at all. On Sunday, when I asked why she had not been in touch during the week, she mentioned that she had wanted to tell me in person that she had been completely healed.

She gave the testimony at our Wednesday evening meeting. During her testimony, she said that she had not called the practitioner during the week because she did not want mere relief. What she wanted was healing. And that is exactly what she got.

I am glad, and grateful, that I began studying the assignment as soon as it arrived. Thank you for the assignment, and thank you to the dear members who were alert and wrote in right away.