“‘hold…steadfastly’ to the Truth”

I am grateful for so many lessons learned this past year.  Our entire family was privileged to witness a significant healing that my mother experienced last fall, after being knocked to the ground while she was trying to help a driver get out of a tricky parking spot.  At the time, she was living with my sister (who is not a Christian Scientist and was trained as an occupational therapist) and so my mother had to take a strong stand for her desire to rely on Christian Science for healing and most certainly did!   Although my mother was initially unable to walk, she “dug into the books” and worked diligently with the support of a practitioner.  I was able to visit her over a series of weekends and spoke to her daily, encouraging her to “hold…steadfastly” to the Truth. (S&H 261:4)  My mom soon progressed to being able to move with the assistance of a walker and within another short while was once again moving freely, even driving five hours (each way) to come and visit us at our home.  This was certainly a dramatic change from the initial picture my sister painted when she first called with great concern.  My mom was able to return to her role as my sister’s “right-hand,” actively helping her to run a small business.  My mother also told me later that my sister eventually sat down with her to inquire how this healing had come about.  I certainly wish I had been there!