Spiritual facts of WHAT IS counter WHAT IF’S

Last week we received a call in the middle of the night from our son who is studying in Canada. He asked us to pray with him.  He had been walking home after a late night working, had slipped on some black ice, hit his head, hard, and was having difficulty walking.  We reassured him he could never fall out of God’s ever-present care.  We told him we would pray and asked him to call in a few minutes.  We knew he was innocent, and stayed with Psalm 46:1-2 (to,) – “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.  Therefore will not we fear…”

Within minutes he called back, walking, but said his head still hurt.  We shared a simple promise – “God is a very present help” and He will shepherd you all the way home.   We continued to pray.  Mrs. Eddy’s prayer, “O gentle presence…Keep Thou my child on upward wing tonight” never meant so much!  He made it home safely and called.  We were grateful and kept praying.

Although his head still hurt a bit when he woke up, by mid-morning when he called from school he was completely free.   We were all so grateful.

Parental fears, however, of “what if” tried to creep in.  I had to firmly and persistently slam the door on those fears of WHAT IF- with the spiritual facts of WHAT IS — God’s ever-present, ever-active, omniscient, omnipotent love and healing care.  I prayerfully affirmed it was true not just for him but for every one of God’s children, far and near!  We were grateful for church, which nourished his expectation that God would meet his need based on his previous healings, Sunday School and the many testimonies he’d heard and read.  Expectancy contributed to the healing!  Wednesday readings developed on expectation of good.  God’s kingdom really is at hand and we can count on it!