“I was actually filled with LOVE, not with pain.”

I had a recent healing I’d like to share: 

Over several years, a rather odd physical problem of some kind has plagued me every few months. Not to go into symptoms in detail, but it involved a sudden attack of pain and pressure throughout my torso and would make me unable to do anything other than lie down and try to get through it. Several times I called practitioners and when I did it generally backed off fairly quickly. However, a sense of fear of this happening again stayed with me, as did concern about what “it” was.
One day, mid-afternoon at my job, this attack came upon me. I work in a large room of cubicles with nearly no privacy, and my first concern was where could I lie down and get away from people. I grabbed my door pass and my copy of the weekly Bible Lesson, and headed out to some outer halls where there were some very public couches. They didn't feel like a good location, so I just thought “Love, prepare a place for me.” I had an impulse to walk further down a hall, where I found a perfect refuge — a leftover couch in a mostly-unused back hallway.
I laid down and realized that I had forgotten my cell phone. I thought of struggling back to my cubicle and getting it, but something made me want to actively face this continuing problem myself. I opened the Bible Lesson, which was on the topic of Love and began reading. The section was about the allness of Love and I just drank it in, purposely denying and ignoring the pain in my body. I realized that I could apply the “allness of Love” literally to my body — to know that I couldn’t feel anything but Love in my thought or in my body — that I was actually filled with LOVE, not with pain.
This seemed very real to me, despite what the body said and I just insisted on it. I also thought that if I dwelt in the allness of Love, that that had to include everyone I knew. There was one person who seemed to not express much love to me, and so I included her. I just surrounded her in Love. This all took 5-8 minutes.
I got a sense of peace, even though the body still hurt, and the thought came clearly to get up and claim the truth of what I was knowing. I went back to my office, sat down, and continued to deny what the body was saying (even as I talked to one of my office mates). Within five minutes, the symptoms lessened and faded completely away.