“I found that I had much to praise God for today.”

I love the immediate responsiveness to prayer that I’m seeing.  In my work as a Christian Science nurse, at shift change, a nurse brings a short reading to hold to all day.  At the next change we read the same item to the oncoming staff and share fruitage from our application.  I’ve had something to share each time.  I’d like to share today’s:

Psalms 71:1, 8  “In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust: let me never be put to confusion… Let my mouth be filled with thy praise and with thy honor all the day.” 


I’ve been supporting “guests” that seem to be confused and erratic and violent at times.  I thought this passage applied well in supporting them but also in support of myself.  I wanted to feel God’s clear direction.  Also ugly words seem to get voiced often.  I was knowing that only praises could be voiced.  I found that I had much to praise God for today.  But it started out with a need to correct my thought.  I found my assignment was to care for the two most “violent” guests and I was overwhelmed by that prospect.  Then I asked God to forgive me for believing that ANY of his children could be confused this way and that some guest assignments would be more welcomed than others.  Both were very polite and comparatively easier to care for today.  Generally they are not receptive to their meals.  God showed me when to offer and how to offer to one.  It was late but she was ready.  Two hours later she ASKED for her lunch.  She allowed the entire Bible Lesson to be read to her in her room.  She received all her care. 

The other guest had to be awakened.  She gave the loveliest smile and asked how my day was going.  She was not interested in most of her care but she DID help with some of it.  There was immediate falling asleep at both meal times.  When it happened at lunch I asked for support from her practitioner and proceeded with lunch.  She immediately responded and enjoyed every bite of her meal plus dessert.  The whole atmosphere at work today was peaceful beyond words.   These accounts might seem simplistic, but the bottom line is I’ve felt more effective as a CS nurse this month and a half than for the previous year.  I felt the holy work of Christian Science nursing.