"A sense of calmness washed over me."

I woke Saturday with sharp pains on my left side to the extent that I couldn’t get out of bed, nor could I walk, and I was to work in two hours.  I felt the anxiety of not being able to do my job, which requires standing, and fear permeated my thoughts.  I realized I needed to be with God.  I listened continuously to an article, "Changing Consciousness" by Milton Simon, recited the “scientific statement of being, the Lord's Prayer, and tried to take a shower.  I then rested quietly until I could feel HIS presence.  A sense of calmness washed over me.  I was able to get dressed, walk, and work eight hours while standing.

Sunday morning the physical claim seemed to crop up again, along with the fears.  At this point I realized I needed help from a practitioner.  "If students do not readily heal themselves, they should early call an experienced Christian Scientist to aid them." (S&H 420:4-7)  I briefly told her my fears.  She said "GOD ONLY KNOWS HIS POWER" – THIS WAS PERFECT and just what I needed.  I thanked her, hung up the phone, rested for a bit and felt God's tender presence.  I got up and took a shower, headed to work, texted the practitioner that I was healed, and went on with my day.

A further healing followed:
On Wednesday my driver's license would expire.  When I first studied CS about 10 years ago, I had moved back home and needed to drive for a family member and needed a new license.  Prior to this I had gone to the eye doctor because I have always had a vision restriction and needed to wear glasses in order to drive. (I did some prayerful work, to the best my ability at that time because I was new to Christian Science.) After the exam, the eye doctor said I wouldn't need corrective lenses to drive but gave me glasses for distance. I passed the vision test on the license exam and no longer had to wear glasses in order to drive.

But five years later, I was driving for a friend's husband and my license expired.  I was hurried, and didn't put prayerful thought into this and I failed the DMV eye test.

On Wednesday, after my weekend of healings – praying and studying class notes, I headed to the DMV. This day at the DMV went harmoniously. I had to go in before work (rush hour).  I caught the bus and arrived as they were opening.  I took my eye test without glasses and PASSED!!! NO RESTRICTIONS!!!