Eyesight restored for son and father

A significant, quick and complete healing of blindness resulting from an organic chemistry lab accident while a graduate student resulted in my continued reliance on God as my “great Physician” through the practice of Christian Science (which I had been brought up in as a youngster in the CS Sunday School).

I was preparing a solution and holding the test tube to my nose to detect the aroma when the contents burst into my face, eyes, and nose.  Realizing the serious nature of the situation, I declared, “Divine Mind governs”.  I had heard my mother state this at times such as when a car accident seemed likely.  The entire statement is from Science and Health, by Mary Baker Eddy: “…God, divine Mind, governs all, not partially but supremely...” (SH 149:26-27)

My chemistry professor, seeing the accident, quickly helped me rinse my eyes with a diluted solution, and them allowed me to return to my room rather than be taken to a hospital emergency room.  

My fiancé and I met at the campus common room and studied the Bible Lesson as well as selections from Prose Works by Mary Baker Eddy.  Upon telephoning my parents to tell them of the accident, my dear mother said, “Come home and get your healing.”  CS friends living in the University community drove me to the airport and put me on a plane for home (an hour’s flight).  By this time I could not see if it was light or dark – and upon the plane’s landing I heard my parent’s voices on the tarmac.  The stewardess said to them, “You’ve come to get the blind boy.”  This statement was a wake up call to me, so upon getting out of the car at home, my dear dad said he and mother would get the best medical help available, or I could use “my Christian Science.”  I asked them to help me call a CS practitioner.  

The healing was quick and complete.  The definition of “Eyes” in the Glossary of Science and Health was very helpful, as well as Bible selections.  In a week’s time mother and I drove back to the University.  Upon walking into the chemistry professor’s office, he was amazed, however, very helpful in allowing me to make up the missed class work.   My other professors were equally helpful, and although this was during final exam time, I still made the Dean’s List for honors achievement.  

While I continue to have “perfect 20/20 eyesight” as evidenced by driver’s license exams, a U.S. Navy ROTC test, etc., the part most meaningful to me was my dear dad’s complete healing through Christian Science of the belief of blindness associated with old age.  

While reading at a Wednesday testimony meeting, the print got so blurry that he took off his reading glasses to see what was the matter.  That was “the matter”, and he never again needed glasses – even for bird study, stamp collecting, etc.     He passed on peacefully in his sleep at 102 years, living happily at a CS residential community for his final nine years.