“I said to myself: ‘Wow! So totally clear, so true…this Truth was totally governing me.’”

I would like to share with you a healing I experienced a few days before Association this year - and the chapter on Creation, our Association assignment, was a major element of this healing.

The Tuesday before Association, I woke up early in excruciating discomfort, down the left side of my body.

I stood up and started to walk around our bedroom looking for some comfort, by moving, changing position - it didn't help. The aggressive thought came to me that this was "very serious" - and there was considerable fear flooding my thinking, which really seemed to be in turmoil - the fear seemed to be in control. However, immediately after thinking this, the thought came to me to repeat the “scientific statement of being” - it was a command to do so - and as I started to do this, silently at first, and then out loud, it felt initially as if I was just repeating words - but I continued. A practitioner once told me that we feel safe working with and from the “scientific statement of being” - letting our prayers flow from it. I had previous healings working with it.

At this point, my wife was awake and reading her copy of Science and Health, by Mary Baker Eddy, and she was praying with me.

I decided to email a practitioner.  Within half an hour, she emailed back saying she had received my email and was working with me immediately - and would be back by email with further thoughts soon. It was comforting to know that CS treatment was in progress.

I went back to bed, and my wife shared some thoughts that came to her, and then read the Bible Lesson out loud. Meanwhile, the practitioner had emailed me a number of citations that had come to her and they were exactly what I needed to be thinking about - and I was working with these ideas.  Even though there seemed to be remaining discomfort, my thinking had become much calmer - the Truth overriding the sense of fear that had been felt so aggressively earlier in the morning.

I asked the practitioner to continue working with me, as I prepared for a busy day on Wednesday. About 20 minutes from my office, as I was driving the car, I found myself experiencing a sudden return of the aggressive discomfort - perhaps worse than before.  I had to stop the car and walk around by the side of the road - once again praying to dispel the sense of pain and fear.  I stepped into the car and called the practitioner, who answered immediately.  Her calm loving response was so wonderful - and she was praying and sharing with me, at that moment, what was coming to her from divine Love, to break the seeming hold of fear on my thought.

After a brief period at the office, my wife and I decided to return home - another hour drive - and I put the passenger seat flat so I was basically lying down on the drive back home - and praying all the way.

Once home, I was in touch again with the practitioner. I told her about the thought I might not be able to attend Association on Saturday - and she quickly informed me I needed to be in my right place at Association and expect to be there. She said it was important for me and our Association that I be there.

As I lay back on the bed, in considerable discomfort, my wife asked me if I would like to hear the chapter on Creation read out loud.

This was so important to the healing that unfolded at that point - every line she read was crystal clear to me, so naturally accepted by me as fact, reality - this was the Truth being expressed, and I understood it, and I felt one with that Truth. At one point, I said to myself: "Wow! So totally clear, so true - there is nothing to figure out here - because this Truth was totally governing me".

By the time my wife finished reading the chapter, I was healed - and I knew it was permanent. The pain, the fear and the thought in turmoil, etc. - all of it gone. We rejoiced!

My wife did serve as First Reader for me that evening, so that I could continue to pray.  The next morning, I was up early and drove into the office and I had a very productive day. We left for Boston for Association the next day. What a great day it was!

As I look back on the healing, I can see how I was being moved forward by Mind, in the middle of aggressive mortal mind's attempt to control my every thought.  I was being pushed to persist and persist, each step of the way, with Truth.  I know CS treatment heals - and this knowledge of past healings was also underlying this persistence with Truth.

It was clear that underneath the noise, and the fear, there was that "still small voice" speaking to me, telling me what I needed to know.

This past Wednesday one of the hymns I used in our meeting was #238 - and I have been thinking about the third verse of the hymn since Wednesday - and how it seems to summarize what was going on with this healing. It reads: "Through the harsh noises of our day, A low sweet prelude finds its way; Through clouds of doubt and creeds of fear, A light is breaking, calm and clear."