“Understanding that God guides every one of His ideas.”

1. Thank you so much for the wonderful book of testimonies. After reading them, I felt a greatly renewed sense of God’s healing power. Again and again, the testimonies show that the Christ meets us where we are and that nothing can stand in the way of complete healing. The testimonies reaffirm that Christian Science healing is available everywhere, at any moment, for everyone.


2. Recently our relationship with our son has been renewed after twelve years of little contact. During that time he struggled with various issues related to health, drug abuse, and finances. (I should point out that our son does not embrace Christian Science, and that we do not “talk Science” with him.)

All through this period, we continued to include him in our own prayers for the family. More than five years ago, the drug abuse ceased. Reading the testimonies reawakened my understanding that God guides every one of His ideas. I am sure that my improved thinking had something to do with the progressive unfoldment of God’s great love for our son.

For example, he was led to relocate from Florida to a city in Massachusetts that is a couple of hours drive from where we live. He found employment as an accountant, which perfectly meets his need. These steps are evidence of a better, more stable life for him. In addition, he has a much more appreciative, normal attitude toward the family, including a lighthearted sense of humor which we haven’t witnessed since he was a child.