Opening the door to incoming practice work

When problems would arise in the past, my first instinct was to call a practitioner, but this year I found spiritual growth brought me to trust God as a tangible presence in my experience (not just the practitioner’s!) and that I could and should pray more diligently for myself, so I did.  And it was liberating and I saw healing!

Healings came about through a greater understanding of the need to rise above the acceptance of life in matter and trying to make better matter, to an increasing recognition that the material scene is not the basepoint of my being.  While this is not new by any means to my fellow Scientists (or conceptually to me) my trusting the truth of this as demonstrable in my own experience was liberating.

I read Paths of Pioneer Christian Scientists a few months ago, and a quote from Annie Knott jumped off the page.  It brought into focus my own desire for a deeper, spiritual understanding of God.   I humbly mirror Mrs. Knott’s quote: “What I desire is a clear sense above mortal belief.”  I state that now daily.

What a treasured gift you gave to us in the booklet of testimonies!  And the questions and the inspired answers given in the readings, and the touchpoints and their explanations, proved to me that the illusions of mortal mind are universal error, they are not personal no matter how much they appear to be.  So the “why me?” questions are tactical error.  

Realizing this over the past year, has helped to open the door to incoming practice work.  Healings have included, a fractured pelvis from a horseback riding fall; the reversal of a need for lung surgery (in fact a pre-surgery exam the morning of the scheduled surgery, resulted in the doctor telling her that the problem was no longer evident and that surgery was no longer necessary); another patient was taken to the hospital by her sisters because of a case of severe diarrhea (she called me for help and said that she desired not to be in the hospital nor to be medicated, but her sisters insisted on taking her).  While she was there she was exposed to a staph infection.  Because of the seriousness of this, she was not able to leave the hospital (even though the diarrhea was cleared).  Nothing seemed to be working medically for the infection, and she was transferred to a rehab facility as they would not release her until she was pronounced clear of the infection.  While praying, the case you gave to me during Class came to thought.  It was of meningitis and the same stigma permeates staph infection.   I knew my brother had been healed of meningitis as a young boy, and his healing left an indelible mark (as did the fact that you gave me this case on which to work!).   If “proof is a law of progress”, then I’d already seen proof in my brother’s healing and in the treatment written for class, so there was no doubt that I could trust that the law of progress was in operation.  It was so very clear.   So it was with great joy that a few days later, she was re-examined and to the staff’s amazement, no trace of the infection was found and she was released and able to go home!

Other practice cases which resulted in healing, included those of strep, flu, mental confusion, inharmonious roommate conditions at college, an ugly divorce, and a Sunday school student’s challenge with an atheist step-parent not permitting her to have anything to do with Science.