“For the first time I didn’t accept unemployment as ‘just the way things are.’”

Here is some healing work associated with my business this year and turning lack into abundance:

After reading recent responses on the website to this year’s assignment to go out and heal, and some encouragement from an Association guest, I realized I have experienced healing regarding employment. The last few years have been “foundation work” for a new career: going to school and working part time and odd jobs, besides borrowing money from family. From time to time, thoughts of doubt and sometimes panic would flood my mind as I am the main source of income for my family. 

Sometime last year, a practitioner friend at church suggested I pray for my freelance business, and treat it as I would a case of a sick “body.”  She referred to some guidance from Mrs. Eddy found at the MBE Library that follows:

“Mrs. Eddy impressed upon a student the great importance of urging her students to work against mental malpractice in all directions.  She said that through the law of malpractice the students have a great deal to meet in themselves physically and also financially, and also in a business way.

“The argument is that Scientists are not wanted in business; and because you are a Scientist you will not succeed, etc.  All this is evil suggestion.  Meet it by knowing and declaring that there is no evil mind, for only one Mind exists –God, good – only one voice, the voice of God, good.

“Truth does govern our business, and there are no failures nor reverses; God directs our business in Truth and the power of right thought regulates everything.

“Truth reflected by you attracts to you trade from all channels of good.

 “Remember, God is the business man.”

The notes continue about not attracting “discordant conditions of business,” and so many more spiritual truths.

Shortly after I undertook this mental work, things began to improve.  Business, which before was slow, picked up a bit which encouraged me.

I clearly remember the healing moment several months later when I was performing some menial daily duties. Once again a thought of doubt suggested I really was underemployed like it was a “fact of life.”  This dark thought of lack seemed so familiar—like a teddy bear that a child comes to love and identify with.  This time, however, it was clear that this fear was only a suggestion, and not really a fact.  For the first time I didn’t accept unemployment as “just the way things are.”

Within a few days someone I had recently befriended texted me out of the blue that his brother was looking to hire someone with skills like mine.  Although this work didn’t last long, it led the way to full time work and put me in a good bargaining position during hiring at another company several months later.

I continue to pray for my business, but the work is steadier now and I understand the importance of aligning myself and my thought with God’s great abundance.  I am learning that with the correct thought, lack is impossible, for God supplies all thoughts which are substance.