“Mortal mind and body are one.”

I’d like to report a healing I had while walking to work one morning.  I have about a 30-minute walk to work each morning and during that time I think about God, my prayers for the day, the upcoming workday and things like that.  This particular morning I was ruminating on a family member that I don’t think particularly well of.  For some reason (really no reason) I was being drawn into trying to really nail down and summarize the problems of this person—their flaws and failings.  I would guess it went on for 10 or 15 minutes before there was a sudden pain in my leg and I was limping instead of walking.  Immediately I sort of “woke up” and questioned where was my thought?  Not thinking God’s thoughts or true thoughts about God’s man.  I reminded myself that “mortal mind and body are one” (S&H 177:8 only), and then began to go through each of the negative adjectives that I had been assigning and reverse them.  I declared that God’s man could not be any of those things and that I would not believe a lie about a God idea.  I rejected and reversed all my thoughts from the past 15 minutes.  By the time I made it to the office, my leg was fine.  It was a valuable lesson in watching my thought and also how immediately seeing and rejecting a lie heals.  It is so true that “mortal mind and body are one,” and getting rid of the mortal thoughts and beliefs corrects both mind and body.  It also came to me strongly to remember this and classify it as a healing and not brush it off because it all happened so fast.