“Still today the textbook heals”

I am thoroughly enjoying the assignment to read 1943 testimonies in the Sentinel, and have shared two of the testimonies in Wednesday evening meetings.  I think that the testimonies from those who were involved in the World Wars were especially meaningful to me.  Illnesses, that were pronounced incurable by doctors, were healed.  Such a broad assortment of healings and experiences were shared.  So grateful for their sharing. 

I think what is most striking to me is that most of the people came into Science by gaining access to the textbook by people they knew.  They attained their healings by studying the textbook.  I know that sounds trite, but still today, the textbook heals.  That is how I came into Science – “eating up” the textbook.

Sounds simple, but it still works that way if we are willing to offer the book.