“When you read the testimonies through all at once it’s almost like reading a great book.”

It was wonderful to be able to read all the testimonies from the Sentinel in 1943. When you read them through all at once it’s almost like reading a great book.

Yes, I do think the same kind of healing can happen today and they do. At a recent Wednesday night testimony meeting there were a few testimonies given about broken bones. I was surprised to hear these testimonies on a regular Wednesday night because they seemed to be the type of healings you hear about in the early days of Christian Science but they were also so natural and normal. Metaphysical healing can happen in any time period even if they seem to be dormant for years at a time. The Truth is always true.

One of the key points I realized when reading the 1943 Sentinel testimonies is that many of these testimonies were coming from everyday people just using Christian Science wherever they were. You don’t have to be a super genius to be able to heal. For me at least, I catch myself thinking that only Christian Science practitioners can heal or that I can start healing at some point in the future but not right now.  I am still working through this but these testimonies support the evidence that all my fears are completely false. 

Many of the testifiers had a few common traits. They felt calm, peaceful and surrounded by God no matter what was going on around them. They started to glimpse that they were spiritual ideas right then and there and started to understand what that really means. Answers and healings would come quickly and if it took longer for a healing to take place, they would be able to work out of their discouragement either by themselves through prayer or with the help of other Christian Scientists.

One of my favorite quotes from the assignment is from Alan Strong when he writes about looking for a landing strip to land his airplane, “You will not need one until you get there.” He was learning to trust his spiritual sense and rely on God more than what the physical senses were telling him.