“Without sacrifice, hard work, and most of all, healing…”

It’s hard to narrow down what I would like to pass along from We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, Vol. II because it speaks with such clarity to the human condition, that I daily learn from it.  Having read it through and then having gone over the notes of Fitzpatrick and Rathvon countless times, I am still pulled back to it whether I have a few minutes, or a few hours, and never without gaining more light.  I find that I must take time with each situation.

Just this morning I opened to the chapter of Joseph Mann, pp. 161-162 where Joseph was receiving a gentle rebuke from Mrs. Eddy, “Yes, dear, but God is never seen apart from man, and when I speak of God, I mean also His reflection, for I cannot separate them; they are one, and that one is God and man.  I know and see God only in His reflection.”  It was as though I had never read it before. 

The idea here is just what Science and Health, by Mary Baker Eddy is all about of course, but in textbook form; whereas, in Vol. II WKMBE, we have the textbook in action in everyday situations.  I could relate so easily.  What a challenge!

It became so clear that all the reading, writing, publicizing, building, and facilitating are useless without reflection.  As great an organizer and leader Mrs. Eddy surely was, it was her understanding of the true spiritual being, her countenance that radiated love, dominion, and power, which accomplished the healing; and in so doing was in turn validating her discovery and teaching.

Answer #2 What was felt from reading the book?

My first feelings were of overwhelming gratitude to the workers, who, realizing their unique opportunity labored to share their experiences.  Such an act of love cannot fail to bear much fruit in the field.

Secondly, I have had such an increased appreciation for the work of the Mary Baler Eddy Library in publishing both Vol. II and I.  They must have required a terrific amount of editing and are beautifully done.  What a contribution for the Cause!  WKMBE Vol. II has given me precious insight into just how our Leader approached the simplest to the most complicated situations, always the same, always going to God, always listening for the answer.

Finally, the books made one thing quite clear to me.  Without sacrifice and hard work and most of all without healing, the “true” church will not carry on in the second century of Christian Science.  Mortal mind is just as arrogant as ever, in fact I would say it has the “traditional Christian churches” on defense.

I have thought long and hard about how best I can serve in the challenges ahead.  The amount of time Mrs. Eddy spent in quiet communion is enlightening.  Already increased assurance of Spirit’s ever-presence has brought me much greater peace of mind and what I would call a deeper feeling for my fellow man.  I feel confident that the “still small voice” will lead the way as it has in the past.  I need to do a lot  … more listening!

Just this morning, I turned to Anna B. White Baker’s account on p. 328.  It is so clear as to the true Science of Christianity: “Do not lose your sense of the true denomination and turn from Mind to matter for help anymore in Christian Science than in mathematics, or you change Science for sense and so lose your Principle and cannot demonstrate it.  Stick to your text.”