“We are not healing someone, . . . we are uncovering.”

I am forever, (it appears) trying to heal something about me (a terrible start, “me”). But when praying for yourself, or others, it is important to remove all sense of self. Go into your closet—shut the door—lock it! “Allow nothing but His likeness (God) to abide in your thought.”

We are constantly fooled into believing that we are healing something or someone. But Mind heals no thing, for there is no thing to be changed in Mind. Mind is in itself, recognizing itself and its creation as perfect. Matter appears only to the material senses as real. We are not healing someone or changing something, we are uncovering.

Recently I witnessed a marvelous uncovering. A nonscientist (my father-in-law) was in crucial pain and ready to accept anything that might alleviate the pain. He was suffering from a recurrence of an unknown disease—a large abscess in his throat that filled up with fluid and cut off his breathing. In the last episode, doctors were able to open this element in his throat just minutes before it caused terminal damage.

Okay—we have the material picture. Now the unveiling, the uncovering.

I went over to my father-in-law’s home with a pure conviction that God was orchestrating my every move. “Unchanging love” and “bind the stubborn will” were stuck in my head. Immediately I took out the lesson on “Love” and started reading to him. While I was reading, he whispered to me that it would be a good time to nap. (Christian Science was very foreign to him; in the past he had never expressed any interest in listening to it.) I, of course, would not pay any attention to his indifference and kept right on going. Although he had not slept comfortably for a few days, he did fall asleep and slept well into the night.

The next day he called to tell me that he had been wakened by a bad dream. He awoke to realize his mouth had filled with fluid, because the abscess in his throat had opened and drained. I told him that it was very important to acknowledge the power of God and His healing work. It was no other than that. He agreed.

I am currently working on many other uncoverings.