“I am now living in the spirit of the meeting.”

I wanted to thank you for such a spirit-filled day. It was also full of humility. The powerful thoughts that have been my companions since Association day are too numerous to write down and would fill too many pieces of paper.

The most indelible thought was that from the section on “mind-cure,” and you asked us to repeat it. Negativism, sarcasm, and general hypnotism would claim to control even our thoughts unless we are awake to them and cast them out. They are a lies, but claim to pervade mortal mind at present. But the Christ, Truth, can break through and is beginning to do so already. I work to watch my thought, and the Christ awakes me to watch and pray, “to be delivered from all evil.” I am also trying to awaken others, as Mrs. Eddy teaches us to do, and working to grow in humility.

I am now living in the spirit of the meeting. I know that this will be followed with a much deeper and stronger awareness of Truth, Life, and Love. As Science and Health says, “If spiritual sense always guided men, there would grow out of ecstatic moments a higher experience and a better life with more devout self-abnegation and purity” (S&H  7:18).