“True creation is the infinitely multi-faceted idea of God.”

(1) What do you feel the word creation implies?
To human sense it implies a beginning, a new thing emerging from nothing or from components newly arranged. This is a finite concept which also implies an eventual ending or obsolescence.

(2) In your own words describe your impressions of the chapter “Creation” in Science and Health.
Mrs. Eddy is leavening the human perception of creation with the spiritual sense of the eternal Principle and idea which does not begin or end. Creation becomes something not newly brought into being but newly revealed/discovered humanly. In reality no aspect of God can be hidden or unreflected. True creation is the infinitely multi-faceted idea of God.

(3) How can the increased understanding of true creation make a difference in your life?  Better yet, share with us how the truth of creation has been, or is being, demonstrated in your life.
In my life, the increased understanding of true creation is increasing the evidence that all creation works together to demonstrate the divine Principle, Love. I am seeing this evidence through challenges in church, family, friends, charity, and "creative" work. It involves turning away from the sense of one human mind needing to love, heal, or elevate others, toward the sense of God working equally through all, listening carefully for my individual role (if any). It involves thinking in terms of what God has created me to do, as opposed to what I want to do or think I should do or am afraid to do.

I recently finished a term as First Reader. Last summer a friend of a friend saw my books out at home and after a barrage of questions informed me that her uncle was a Christian Scientist and didn't go to the doctor and he died! That Sunday, just as we finished running through hymns with the organist and soloist a half-hour before the service, I was hit by alarming symptoms commonly associated with heart attacks. I retired to the Reader's Room to quickly pray and ponder what to do. It became clear to me that I could not be made to fulfill anyone's worst fears about Christian Science, and such a scenario was absolutely impossible in God's creation. I was free in plenty of time for a normal service.