“So, even though creation is complete and perfect…we demonstrate it newly every day.”

(1) What do you feel the word creation implies?

I think one of the quotes from the references sums this up really nicely for me (My, p.165). We are created to “impart truth, health, and happiness and this is my rock of salvation...”  This is why we are here and we can fulfill that duty in any place at any time. We were created perfect, and it’s our job to demonstrate that fact every day to the highest of our abilities. Creation is not just bringing an idea to fruition—it’s more than that. Webster defines “create” as a cause for something to happen as a result of one's actions. Our actions demonstrate God’s perfect creation. So, even though creation is complete and perfect, never ending and never dying, we demonstrate it newly every day.

(2) In your own words describe your impressions of the chapter “Creation” in Science and Health.

To quote Jebediah Springfield from the Simpsons, “a noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.” This chapter contains a number of adjectives that imply enlargement or “embiggening”—developing, broadening, rising, enlarged, perfected, sum of all substance, enfoldment, more, expansive, wider, better and higher results, and heightens entire glory. Creation isn’t inert—it’s not something God made and then left stagnant. It’s complete and finished, but our understanding of it is constantly improving and broadening. It’s our duty to demonstrate perfect God and perfect man through (again) “impart[ing] truth, health, and happiness”.

(3) How can the increased understanding of true creation make a difference in your life?  Better yet, share with us how the truth of creation has been, or is being, demonstrated in your life.

I’m currently expecting my first child, and as many know, the world thought surrounding children and child-bearing isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There have been times where mortal thought about creation and the process of pregnancy has been like a waterfall of erroneous thoughts. The easiest way has been to simply step away from the whirl of mortal mind and embrace the loving “flood- tides of Love” instead.  Rather than many minds and opinions, there is only one truth—creation is complete and perfect, of God and God alone. I’m not a human creator responsible for making and birthing a tiny helpless human. I’m being spiritually carried through this by God’s tender mercies (cue the beautiful hymn #445, tender mercies!). We are not responsible for creation, but for reveling in and revealing that creation through (AGAIN!) “impart[ing] truth, health, and happiness” to others!