“…so far I have a list of over 16 of these chapter ‘gems’”

Although I have only had the assignment for a couple of weeks, I have gained much from it.   I have typed out all the inspiring references making it much easier to study them frequently; also I have studied the "Creation" chapter at least eight times so far -- (and I'm not finished yet!).

After the 2nd or 3rd study, it occurred to me to write down, and turn into declarations of truth, the points that particularly seemed to match my needs; so far I have a list of over 16 of these chapter "gems”; and this is where the fruitage comes in: Two of the citations were especially inspiring: "The pains of sense are salutary..." (SH, p. 265)   Since I have been in the process for the last couple of years of working out a very painful internal physical problem -- the fact that the pains of sense are salutary was at first almost frightening; but then as I thought about it, I could rejoice and pray to understand that the pains of sense are salutary ... (wholesome! healthful!) ... because they are wrenching away false beliefs, fear, foreboding, doubt, and transplanting my affections from sense to Soul, thus” decapitate[ing] error". (SH, p. 266)

The second citation:"...by reversal, errors serve as waymarks to the one Mind" (SH, p. 267) ... that resulted in: "I am a law to myself of enduring (overcoming) and reversing the argument of pain, fear and aggressive mental suggestion, rejoicing that such reversal is a waymark to the one Mind, and like Paul, I can ‘rejoice in infirmities’".    Those two citations have already borne fruit --- (and I still have 14 more powerful statements like that!).