No lack of real, live, practicing Christian Scientists


There can be no limitations that would indicate a lack of real, live, practicing Christian Scientists. I know there can be no limitation because human sense is indicating that there is, and human sense always gets it wrong.

There is no imposition that can attach itself to simple seekers of Truth. There is nothing (no real thing) that can prevent them from the joy of knowing Christian Science. This is not some small sect that we are trying to maintain and increase. As my daughter once told me, “Christian Science isn’t just a religion—it’s a way of life.”

Our movement needs to be confident that we are practicing, and that practicing is what attracts those who are seeking. For example, if we are believing that Christian Science is on the wane that is the thought we are sending out. Aren’t we taught that thoughts are felt? Let’s rid ourselves of any belief that Christian Science is not practical or practicable. It is a bald-faced lie that is trying to mesmerize us into the false belief of a material life. Constant turning to God and digging into what we already know to be true will result in healings, and we will be lifted out of a sense of lack on all fronts.

Recognition of spiritual life breaks the boundaries of mortal existence. Isn’t this what we all are really seeking? So when uplifted thought becomes visible through current Christian Scientists, it can’t be resisted! The discovery will be for all!