“Consciousness constructs a better body…”

For many years I was underweight.  This condition often brought suggestions of material remedies and much human sympathy from well-meaning family and friends.

As a Christian Scientist, I began to challenge and silently refute these suggestions, claiming my perfection as the image and likeness of God.  I persisted in declaring, that as a spiritual idea in Mind, I was neither underweight nor overweight—that there could be no lack and no surplus.  Particularly helpful was Mary Baker Eddy’s reference to the Christ child on page 167 of Miscellaneous Writings:  “He is wholly symmetrical.”  This enabled me to better understand that man is a symmetrical idea.  Reasoning further, I joyously concluded that I would manifest whatever weight was “right for me,” not that established by mortal mind according to material tables, charts, and scales.

Since beginning my study of Christian Science, I have never been weighed on a scale, and so cannot give the number of pounds involved; but during the time it took to make this demonstration, my body assumed new proportions and it was necessary for me to wear dresses three sizes larger than I had been wearing previously.

I think this experience can best be summarized by the following statement in Science and Health:  “Consciousness constructs a better body when faith in matter has been conquered.”  (425:23-25)