“In the Spirit of Christmas—please return phone”

Got home late last Monday—1:30 in the morning to be precise—to find the dog walker at home and in distress. All was revealed: She had lost her suitcase on a flight and, in her turmoil, had left her all-singing-and-dancing new telephone on the back seat of the taxi. Things were not looking rosy. The bag would, of course, be delivered by the airline—which it was—but the phone…

So I mentioned to her that I always pray to see the Goodness in everyone, as that is clearly how we are all made. I also told her that no matter how things turned out, she could definitely know that all mankind is always fundamentally good. As I lay in bed, I continued to pray along the same lines. I also focused on what Christmas means—that sweet coming of the Christ in every heart and home.

By the next morning, the dog walker had rung her phone at least 50 times, as well as texting and emailing it. Even so, I sent a short text-message that said, “In the Spirit of Christmas—please return phone,” then left my number. Two seconds later my phone rang and there it was, on its way to its rightful place.

The fellow who returned the phone was called Muhammad, and I’m uncertain as to whether or not he even celebrates Christmas. But one thing I do know—when the Spirit speaks, each and every heart is moved to do the right thing, regardless of religion, culture or belief. I told him that he was indeed a very good man and had done absolutely the right thing. You should have seen his smile.

As a footnote—I heard the dog walker telling some friends of the incident, and she fully attributes the return to prayer. God is so very good.