“What though the darkness gather round! Songs in the night He giveth.”

The assignment and citations were very helpful. I had two quick healings from them—one for me and one for a patient.

My healing was of disappointment with the Hymnal Supplement. Because many of the hymns are spread out over more than two pages, I thought they were too complicated for congregations who hadn’t attended “choir practice” to sing. But when I worked with Hymn 449 on the citation list, I was really healed of that feeling of disappointment. The words that struck a chord with me were,

“What though the darkness gather round!
Songs in the night He giveth.”

The healing came from this quote. A woman called, saying she had been suffering back, shoulder, and neck pain for more than ten days. After we hung up, I did considerable work for her. The sentence that kept coming to me was, “Clad in the panoply of Love, human hatred cannot reach you.” (S&H 571:18–19) However, this sentence did not seem germane to anything we had discussed. 

At bedtime, I could not settle, so I turned on the lamp and reached for the citations. I had underlined the two lines from Hymn 449 quoted above. Reading them, the clear thought came: This woman is perfectly all right; God is giving her everything she needs tonight and always.

The next day the woman called to say that she had slept well, but in the daylight, the pain had come back. I told her about the sentence from the textbook that had kept coming to my thought. She said she knew exactly what the problem was—a person who attended her branch church and for whom she had done many favors had suddenly turned on her. She did not feel safe from this person’s hatred. She called it a mental illness problem. From the past, I had known this woman. I knew that she had striven for many years to cope with a daughter-in-law who exhibited similar problems.

We realized that this was an aggressive suggestion that there is more than one Mind—that mortal mind exists and can become deranged. That day we worked to glorify God’s oneness and allness as the one and only Mind. My patient called the next day to report that she was healed.

The Association study brought healing, which is just what it is supposed to do. But then, you already know that, because of all the beautiful healings on the website. I am very grateful.