“Love is contagious, only Love!”

I wanted to share with you an interesting healing experience we had in our family. A few months after attending last year’s Association meeting, I received a text from my daughter. She had recently moved to another state and was working from the home that she shared with a friend and her young son. The text was asking me to pray. A very strange looking rash had appeared on her body and was spreading very quickly. I took up the work.

About an hour later, my daughter texted me from the area hospital. She was in the emergency room, per the request of her friend, who was very concerned about what the rash might be, fearing for her son. Other symptoms were also starting to appear. The doctors were running tests, and even though they did not have the results from the tests, they all agreed she had a disease (which they named). She was being admitted to the hospital and put into quarantine.

I texted my daughter, assuring her that she had no such disease, because there is no such thing. God did not create it and knew nothing of it. The disease that was diagnosed was one that had been (in belief) spreading through our state years ago, when I worked in the Committee on Publication office. At that time, our state was closing schools and there had been many reports in the newspapers of children passing on from it. I knew that in public thought the fear of this particular disease was great.

By the time my daughter was settled in her room, it was well after midnight and the phone lines were closed, although we were still able to text. I was very grateful for her calm thought. She told me that being in quarantine was a blessing in the sense that no one shared the room with her and few of the nurses or hospital workers entered. This gave her quiet time to pray. She reported to me that she felt perfectly well. The doctor had told her that the illness would develop rapidly and had expressed great concern because she had refused any medication. The doctor also told my daughter that a rash of this particular disease had been spreading throughout the community. It came to me in my work to take up the belief of a rash of fear.

The next morning, all the symptoms had vanished and the rash had stopped spreading, with only a small area remaining. When the doctor examined her, he was pleased with her progress, but very perplexed, since he thought she should have been a very sick girl. He now ruled out the original diagnosis, because all the other symptoms were gone. He told her that nothing was quite adding up, but did express gratitude for her progress.

Later that evening, a specialist came in and told my daughter that this was a textbook case for certain! He mentioned that this was a very, very, rare disease. He then asked her many questions, trying to have her fit into the noted cases of this claim; he and several other doctors were doing research on this. It was interesting, because the evening before I had been lead to work with the idea that “Love’s work and Love must fit.” After much to do about nothing, my daughter did not fit into any of the categories of persons with this claim that had been recorded in medical books.

The quarantine was done away with that evening, and by the next morning all appearances were so light that my daughter was released. She told me that she felt there would be no evidence whatsoever by the time she got home, and that proved to be true. 

During the time of praying, I was so buoyed with all the wonderful testimonies I had read in preparing for last year’s Association meeting. They were wonderful proofs of Christ healing in many different and varied circumstances. The inspiration from Association day was a great staff upon which to lean. I was so grateful to be able to prove with my daughter that the only atmosphere is that of Love. Its purity nullifies any seeming impurity, influence, or fear. Love is contagious, only Love!

A side bar to this healing: My daughter had no medical insurance. Because of her income level, she was not able to qualify for any reduction of the bill. The doctors told her that they would charge her only half, which she appreciated. Several months later, the hospital sent her a list of all the expenses; they were kind enough to set up a payment plan for her. Shortly after, out of the blue, she received a letter from the hospital stating that they would take care of the remainder of the bill and she owed nothing more. To me, the whole mortal picture had been erased—not even the bill could remain.