I really wasn't sure what to do in the situation but Love showed me the way

There are some healings in the practice this year that have meant a lot to me.  One is the healing of a long-time member of our church who has become a good friend.  She has turned fairly regularly to medicine in recent years, and she was making arrangements to go to an assisted living home.  She had been in her apartment for thirty years, and the move was looming large to her.  She called me at one point after police had shown up because a friend couldn’t get her on the telephone and had called them.  She wasn’t able to get out of bed, and the police really wanted to take her to the hospital but she refused.  She wanted me to pray for her. 

I really wasn’t sure what to do in this situation, but I asked if I could come to see her (I have keys to her apartment and could let myself in.)  When I got there it seemed as though she was giving up.  So that’s something I could pray about.  She had a lot of pain when she walked.  But by the time I left she was sitting up and she had used the bathroom with my help and we had made arrangements for someone to come twice a day for a while.  I told her I would pray with her, and went to see her again the next day.  In three days she was walking around by herself without pain – finalizing the plans for the move, selling some items and making arrangements with the movers.  She was also able to dismiss the help.  I felt that Love was showing me the way to act wisely and how to pray in Science.

Other healings in practice have been of symptoms that previously had led to a small stroke; of five cases of flu in about two weeks; the case referred to our practitioner office, where the man went home after his visit with me, and his doctors spontaneously told him he didn’t need the operation; an infant who took a tumble on his face from his stroller and his nose was bleeding (mother very new to CS and quite frightened).  There are more, but it’s tough to find time to look for them right now.