I heard a voice say (almost like a lion roaring), “God has always taken care of you, and He always will.”

First of all, and most importantly, your assignment has made me treasure Christian Science more than ever and feel the allness of God’s great Love for us, as well as Mrs. Eddy’s love and dedication in explaining it to us. Sounds basic, I know, but it means more each moment of the day. So, yes, our need is “to (continually) look Science fairly in the face.”

I have had difficulty in answering your assignment because it is so thought provoking that I just want to keep on studying. However, looking Science “fairly in the face” means demonstrating it and healing. Otherwise there is no real understanding.

Getting self out of the way is sometimes a challenge, always important. Jesus and Mrs. Eddy never gave self a moment’s time. Especially in church work, it is the Mary work, not the Martha work that is needed. 

Over and over, especially in the reading of “Science, Theology, Medicine,” I noticed how frequently Mrs. Eddy uses divine with Principle and Love. This reverses the sense testimony of discord and inharmony—false beliefs of what is right or should be done—to the spiritual reality and the spiritual sense of church. I love your quoting, “Healing is the best sermon, healing is the best lecture, and the entire demonstration of Christian Science.” This can never be changed, stamped out, or reversed, and as we each pray and focus on this, our churches will continue to thrive and be revitalized.

An instantaneous healing I had a couple of months ago meant a lot to me because it broke a latent mesmerism of aging that had been lurking around for too long. When I awoke one morning, I was bombarded with questions: What if I can’t get out of bed? What if I can’t speak or don’t have balance? What if I am really confused, or can’t get to the phone, or my children don’t help me? 

Then I heard a voice say (almost like a lion roaring), “God has always taken care of you, and He always will.” All this in probably not even a minute, but I felt/knew the Christ message, and was free. The mesmerism and aggressive mental suggestions totally disappeared to their nothingness. I felt oneness with God and enveloped in His Love. This was a very simple message, but I have been very grateful for it, carrying it with me and declaring it mentally—sometimes vocally—for myself and for “all those whom [my] thoughts rest upon.” 

I therefore greatly appreciate your reminding us to re-read “The Great Revelation.” I am more diligently praying to be “actually conscious of the truth of Christian Science” as I fall asleep. The aggressive mental suggestion to perhaps drift off after saying my prayers is being replaced with Mrs. Eddy’s loving instruction. 

Study on our topic has lead me to thinking more deeply about Science—the importance of the whole demonstration—not the bits and pieces. Science is holy work in action, and vice versa, holy work in action is Science. As brought out in “The Great Discovery” and “The Great Revelation,” Mrs. Eddy prayed so diligently, without ceasing, to give us the complete understanding of spiritual being, and the total nothingness of material beliefs, illusions, and fears.

Mrs. Eddy’s example—as well as many from the Bible—has opened my thought and let in the light to broaden my prayers to include all mankind. This has become natural, without human will pushing to do it. I am very grateful for this because it never felt that way before—it seemed like something I “had” to do. But Love is now guiding; it always was, but I was resisting. To me, that is what Christian Science does—it opens thought, and it does so for everyone, everywhere. Feeling no resentment, knowing only divine Love and divine Principle, and sharing this by healing, will bring whatever renewal we need in our own thinking and that our church or cause seems to need.

As a favorite hymn (Hymn 221) says:

                                    Today Christ’s precious Science

                                        Thy healing power makes plain:

                                    With joy may all obey thee

                                          And cast out sin and pain.