Desiring to see God more clearly—but not with those “cute” reading glasses

A few years ago, I found myself having difficulty reading fine print, such as the tags on clothing. I noticed that several of the women I work with were wearing “cute” reading glasses. One friend had a stockpile of cute glasses, and other friends were pulling them out of their purses at dinner. I became fascinated with the way the glasses matched their outfits and how they looked upon their faces. It was almost like a fashion statement. I fell victim to the “Parisian garment.” 

Pretty soon I had my own stash of cute glasses and would get many comments as to their “fashion-ness.” But when I did not have a pair available, I could not read. Soon it became clear that this was not the way I wanted to express my sense of beauty, color, or design. I did not want to be mesmerized into reliance on matter, nor on the sense of age that such a claim was presenting. You could say that my eyes were literally opened when this became clear. 

I began to be more alert in my study—to get a clearer view of what Christian Science was showing me, not of what mortal mind wanted me to know of Science. My immediate need was to see that I was not a mortal using Science to spiritualize myself. I already was and always had been God’s spiritual expression. I clung to the fact that, being God’s spiritual idea, I work out from God, rather than up to Him. 

My thought became full of desiring to see God clearly, and I know that this desire brought healing results. I wish I could tell you when this healing took place, but it was so natural that I just never thought about, nor reached for, reading glasses again.