“This prospect seemed not only daunting, but quite impossible”

I am learning really important lessons in Christian Science. Nothing is impossible when we trust our desires and plans to God.

About a year ago, one of my new duties as one of the Committees on Publication for my country was to become a regular columnist for the Health section of at least one newspaper and write articles on spiritual healing. In the past, I had written occasional articles in the religious column of one of our national newspapers, correcting impositions on Christian Science, but I had not written specifically and regularly on health for a national newspaper. This prospect seemed not only daunting, but quite impossible. So I decided to pray. I let go of outlining, as well as any sense of false responsibility and limitation. I knew that the motive for publishing any article can only be to honestly share what I am learning in Christian Science and what I have proved in my experience. I left the outcome to God.

What unfolded was quite amazing to me. A fellow church member said he knew the Editor of the newspaper I had written for in the past and gave me an introduction. Unbeknownst to either of us, the Editor was resigning from the newspaper that week. He was busy, but gave us audience. The Editor said if I could send him an article to look at within the next two hours, he would make a decision. I sent him three articles within that timeframe, and he approved a regular column in the Health section, effective that very day, provided I write a new article every week. This was obvious evidence to me that “with God nothing shall be impossible.”