Panoply of Love

My daughter recently had a significant healing in the matter of 24 hours. My daughter is ten months old and as a new mother, I find myself slipping into reading mainstream articles about milestones, things to look out for and “normal” behavior. This of course doesn’t tell me the first thing about her or my true identity as perfect children of God.
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“…to spring up with the vigor to carry out His will”

Two great healings unfolded this past year. About 15 months ago, the day after a ski trip with my son, I found that my knee was sore. I didn’t pay any attention to it at first, a mistaken combination of attributing the problem to the material cause of a bit too much exertion on the slopes the previous day and falling back on the military tradition of “toughing it out “and putting up with anything that you don’t have time to deal with at the moment. While the pain provided an incentive to focus more intently on the daily lesson sermon, the press of daily commitments crowded out the attention that I should have been giving this challenge. However as the days turned into weeks without any progress, I found it was becoming more and more difficult to walk without an obvious limp.
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“‘hold…steadfastly’ to the Truth”

I am grateful for so many lessons learned this past year.  Our entire family was privileged to witness a significant healing that my mother experienced last fall, after being knocked to the ground while she was trying to help a driver get out of a tricky parking spot.  At the time, she was living with my sister (who is not a Christian Scientist and was trained as an occupational therapist) and so my mother had to take a strong stand for her desire to rely on Christian Science for healing and most certainly did!   Although my mother was initially unable to walk, she “dug into the books” and worked diligently with the support of a practitioner.  I was able to visit her over a series of weekends and spoke to her daily, encouraging her to “hold…steadfastly” to the Truth. (S&H 261:4)  My mom soon progressed to being able to move with the assistance of a walker and within another short while was once again moving freely, even driving five hours (each way) to come and visit us at our home.  This was certainly a dramatic change from the initial picture my sister painted when she first called with great concern.  My mom was able to return to her role as my sister’s “right-hand,” actively helping her to run a small business.  My mother also told me later that my sister eventually sat down with her to inquire how this healing had come about.  I certainly wish I had been there! 

“I felt like I had been living in a desert and was now in a lush and vibrant world.”

For many years I was a member of The Mother Church and a branch church. For reasons which escape me now I grew dissatisfied with my branch church, I guess I felt more emphasis was placed on the color of the carpet and not enough emphasis was placed on Spirit and Christian healing. So I left my branch church thinking I would join another branch.
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“That to me is a medical thought”

I had a healing of a back problem.  It seemed to come from the lifting I do at work.   I was up in the middle of the night and could not get back to bed.  My husband helped me back and I was able to rest easily that night. Great progress came every day from not being able to move at all to complete freedom.   It’s pretty amazing how losing self in helping others is a great healing agent.  Other Christian Science nurses where I work seemed to be having the same issue and the thought kept presenting itself that we all had to be on half duty because we couldn’t lift anymore. That to me is a medical thought, just manage the condition instead of seeing its unreality for ourselves.  I wanted the complete healing however, and demanded it until it manifested itself in my freedom.  What would I do without this Science?  

A truck healing

Here is a small healing, and a big idea.

I heard our son drive into his shop next door sounding his horn, so I went over to see what was the matter. He had just had an alignment done on his truck. He had been quoted $70 but the final bill was $270 (quite a chunk out of a 19 year old’s paycheck), but the real problem was that driving home the alignment didn’t feel right: loose and floaty. He is a mechanic himself, so he and a friend went right at removing the tires to check their work.

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“I felt the pain just draining away”

I was grateful for a healing that occurred this week that came about through my own prayers.

I noticed throughout a work day that the symptoms of a headache were coming on. When I got home later in the day I was feeling quite unwell. I have had headaches in the past and for a time quite frequently, but with the help of a practitioner and my own prayers the claim had been met. But the familiar feelings of pain, accompanied with nausea, plus any bright light being uncomfortable were swimming in thought.

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“The spirit of mutual support is so needed in our movement”

In the Rule for Motives and Acts, Mrs. Eddy gave us the basis for unity within the Church. I am so grateful for it.

At our membership meeting earlier this week, several members walked out before the end of the meeting, during the “Comments for the good of the Cause.” The suggestion came that they were acting with a blatant lack of grace toward the membership as a whole, as well as a lack of support for Church. The meeting had been without controversy and was not overly long. It felt like we were being deserted.

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“Love your enemies”

In September 2012, our family was sued for a personal injury claim. We have a vacation home and rent it occasionally. Guests of a tenant were injured on the property. The situation was complex. There were accusations of negligence on our part, my insurance policy appeared inappropriate and inadequate, and there were difficulties with the title of the property. The insurance company was required by law to defend me against the lawsuit, but they repeatedly told me they reserved the right to withhold coverage. Claims for damages were enormous. We feared that homes and a family business were at risk.
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“Learning to defend my mental citadel”

In Pulpit and Press Mrs. Eddy talks about the need to strengthen our mental citadel and remain within its walls to defend our heritage. I love the fact that Christian Science is our heritage. As an Assistant Committee on Publication, I had been writing weekly articles on Christian Science healing, when I began to witness the antagonism of what the Bible calls “the carnal mind,” which is “enmity against God.” Three church members – one was a Reader, and another was very active in the Reading Room, and a third had been a student of Science for decades – took ill and were admitted to the hospital. This seemed to mock what I had been writing about with the efficacy of spiritual healing.

Then closer home, my son, who works for the government, also became ill. He sought and received Christian Science treatment from me. The situation seemed to persist, and at one point to take a turn for the worse. In order to approve a leave of absence, his workplace insisted he get a hospital report according to government policy. This was totally against his wish. Prior to leaving for the hospital, he requested that I contact another practitioner for metaphysical support, and he released me from the case.

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“The light came on … getting rid of fear”

I was reading a post on the Association website that answered a question for me. I was talking to my son on the phone, who told me of a problem he was having. After our conversation, I felt as though I had been hit by a ton of bricks. I asked myself what it was. My answer came when I was reading a post you mentioned about a man who fell down the steps and landed at a student’s feet who had just come from studying at the Association office. The student mentioned that there was no sense of fear.

That’s when the light came on—what I was feeling was a sense of fear. That’s what I have been getting rid of. The last time I talked to my son, he was getting better.

“As it turns out, God had a much bigger, better, and fuller plan”

I wanted to share some recent demonstrations of God’s goodness and provision and safety.

After one Association, I started praying in earnest about the practice. In order to have more time to help people metaphysically and also in any way I could, I resigned from a very senior position within a global company, where I had worked for many years. I explained the reason for my decision and agreed to an 18-month handover to ensure that everything was done as graciously and harmoniously as possible. I felt that my motive was good and that they would want to do the right and principled thing.

At the end of the 18-month period, their behavior was rather shocking. Whilst they were generous in some ways, they withheld a significant number of things, like shares and stock options, which I had been sure would be granted. I ended up feeling penalized and unsettled and unappreciated.

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“Armour made of love, rather than metal wings”

I must say that being class taught is one of the most significant experiences I have had. It has stood me in good stead in the weeks and months since.

This year I have been doing the mandatory national youth service in my country. After being abroad for the past eight years, there has been a period of adjustment, and I have been grateful for what I am learning in Christian Science. The Youth Service is a good and noble concept that is designed primarily to promote unity among the diverse cultures and religions in my country. The process, however, has been quite a challenge for me.

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“Rise in the strength of Spirit…”

This testimony is about a healing that meant a lot to me this past week, as well as an appreciation for the Christian Science Bible Lessons. I woke up on a Wednesday morning with the alarm in anticipation for my regular workday, which often includes a departure time from the house about 6 a.m. It doesn’t always give a lot of time with the Bible Lesson although I do arise early so as to spend the needed time with it. This particular morning I woke up with all the symptoms of a cold — a scratchy throat mainly and slight cough. I recall thinking a little bit that tomorrow was Thanksgiving and would I need to adjust plans or the potential to feel unwell.
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Son’s fever healed by handling fear of contagion

I want to tell you about a wonderful healing. Yesterday my son complained that he didn’t feel very good, so I encouraged him to rest and continued with my busy day, giving his complaint little thought. In the evening my mother (not a student of Science) came over to be with the kids while my husband and I went out for dinner. When we got home and were bidding my mother goodnight, she touched my son and discovered he was very warm to the touch. I felt the fever, too. My mother was very concerned that the mosquito-borne disease EEE could be the cause. I assured my mother that I would take care of my son and ushered her out as quickly as I could, but I was fearful
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Our dear Reading Room friend

A little over a month ago, I was sitting at the bedside of my dear friend Sally as she passed on, peacefully. This woman set such a good example to many of us who served in our Christian Science Reading Room. Sally was engaged in a path spiritward, a path many of us came to respect and appreciate. I realize, in looking back over the seven years I came to know Sally, that the reason many of us held her in special esteem is because as we were encouraging her to see herself in the best light, she was doing the same for us, but perhaps in less obvious ways.
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