A truck healing

Here is a small healing, and a big idea.

I heard our son drive into his shop next door sounding his horn, so I went over to see what was the matter.   He had just had an alignment done on his truck.  He had been quoted $70 but the final bill was $270 (quite a chunk out of a 19 year old’s paycheck), but the real problem was that driving home the alignment didn’t feel right:  loose and floaty.   He is a mechanic himself, so he and a friend went right at removing the tires to check their work. 

I went back home and was inspired to sit down with my prayer journal.  This is not just any truck: my son has poured his heart and soul into this big old Ford F350, replacing parts, repainting and making it better in every way. 

And just as mortal mind was asking “how are you going to see a truck as a spiritual idea?”   The angel was saying, “All that exists is spiritual ideas, God’s spiritual ideas.”  Wow.   His truck is a spiritual idea.  Why? Because God is All-in-all and created all and there are only spiritual ideas.   The truck is an expression of utility, beauty, progress, form, color, grace, strength, immortality.

And I realized that the employees at the tire alignment shop express only Godlike qualities: wisdom, intelligence, humility, honesty, fairness.

God governs all from the turning of the world to a potato patch (see Mis 26:5).  God is everywhere and nothing apart from Him is present or has power. 

Justice is part of God’s government.  Truth is always the victor. 

My son arrived back home later in the evening with a half gallon of ice cream and the news that after swapping the tires he and his friend realized that the alignment shop had done a good job, it was just the old tires that felt wrong: the truck was fine.