“I reached out to God for assistance.”

The following are two examples of healing.  The first is a healing regarding myself, and the second regarding another.

(1) I was walking rather briskly and suddenly severely twisted an ankle.  The pain seemed severe.  The temptation was to find some place to sit, but no benches were available.  The immediate thought was, “Here is an opportunity to demonstrate instantaneous healing.”  I thought of Jacob with his thigh out of joint as he wrestled with aggressive mental suggestions during his night of trial (S&H p. 308) and replied to the talking, lying serpent, “You are just attempting to interrupt my street ministry, and you are not going to impress me.”  (I walk five or so miles per day around my city engaging with all kinds of people and sharing Christian Science.)  I continued walking, felt a powerful adjustment, and continued on my way rejoicing.

(2) Very early one Sunday morning I was engaged in my street ministry with no one in sight, and a man who seemed lunatic approached me.  (He was raging, swearing, coming at me directly waving his arms violently, and there was no possibility of escape from an attack.)  I reached out to God for assistance.  The first words that came were an interior, “Welcome, presence of the Christ.”  I continued knowing with great conviction that his Mind could only be God.  When he was almost upon me, he looked into my eyes and shouted, “Whoa, I’m not going to mess with THIS!”  He swerved abruptly and passed me by.  I turned back, and he had stopped all the aggressive behavior and was walking along perfectly normal and at peace.