“I silently rose to the consciousness of the all-power of divine Love.”

I discovered from the Association website that divine Mind gave me the 2014 study assignment independently last summer, and I have a fruitage report.

My copy of We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, vol. II bristles with post-it flags.  Two overall themes that stood out were ambivalence about healing by argument vs. consciousness, and the need to heal before explaining.  I was also struck by Mrs. Eddy’s expression of love in donating to the local hospital.  It seems clear we face no challenge of mortal mind that Mrs. Eddy didn’t face, even the claim that “things are different today.”

Saturday of Labor Day weekend I was to have dinner with a good friend and her son, who’s in second grade.  I’d been praying out from my study of WKMBE II all day, especially about why we would think our time is different.  As I was about to leave, she called: the boy had been sick all week with strep throat, the medicine wasn’t working, plans to drive to a big family wedding the next day were in jeopardy, did I still want to come over?

Sitting on the couch with him while he watched TV and his mom went to get pizza, I silently rose to the consciousness of the all-power of divine Love.  As a result, it was clear that this whole parental nightmare scenario was impossible and the innocent could not be made to suffer or cause suffering.  There’s a local story from the early days about a little girl who had never walked being healed after just sitting on a practitioner’s couch for a time.  Since God had not changed since then, it was inevitable that this boy would be completely healed by the time his mother returned. Somewhat to my human awe, that is exactly what happened.