“That's what's happening on the website. We are supporting and learning from each other.”

Last night, I felt strongly led to look up the recent fruitage on the Association web site. I read the 10 or so new pieces. Several of them really spoke to me about a case in my life, and I believe they helped facilitate the turnaround which I relate below:

My cousin, a single mom of two teenage girls in her early 50s, has been hanging on for dear life in a hospital after surgery. She has been dealing with cancer for several years, and recently suffered the devastating loss of her mother and then her father. Doctors had put her in an induced coma after surgery to try to stabilize her but it did not look good. They awoke her on Monday, but it’s been touch and go.

I have been in touch with her brother and have been actively praying for her. However, because she is under medical treatment, I was only treating my own belief about this illness and her safety and life. When I read the various testimonies — the friend with the bone issue, the woman under stress who felt “terrible” when expecting family, and one that stated so clearly that we don’t have a mortal mind that needs to be healed — well, they all worked together to point out to me the limited nature of my prayer.

I realized that I had been praying for my own understanding, without any real expectation that it would benefit my relative! When one of the Association members wrote that they realized God was at her friend’s bedside, and another wrote that they realized that God does the work, and that even someone who resisted spiritual healing could be healed…I just changed my thought to expectation. Of course, God is right there. Of course, Love is at her bedside, meeting her every need. I was absolutely sure, when I went to bed, that all was well.

This morning, her brother wrote me that she has turned the corner, and is being moved today from ICU into a standard room. This is thrilling. Incredibly thrilling. I am reminded of this week’s lesson, “where two or three are gathered in my name…” (Matt. 18:20) That’s what’s happening on the website. We are supporting and learning from each other.

I thank God that I was led to read that fruitage. It was an incredible help. Not only inspirational, but instructive.

(Oh, and another thing — from the writer who saw so clearly that there is no mortal mind that needs healing: A family member was having a devil of a time with her unruly fifth graders. She is their orchestra leader and they had to give a concert in a church last night. At dress rehearsal, they behaved like monkeys, jumping all over the pews, up to the chancel, altar, in the balconies. Completely out of control. She was beside herself. Yesterday morning, I prayed with Hymn #263: “As the stars in order going, All harmonious He doth move; Heavenly calm and comfort showing, Comes the healing word of Love.”

But when I read the “no mortal mind” testimony on the Association website, I realized I was still believing in mortal minds to be healed. I corrected that: there are no fifth grade mortal minds, no experienced mortal minds, and no psychology of classroom teaching. There is only One Mind. She emailed me this morning to say that last night’s concert went absolutely “perfectly.”…so you see, I got double blessings from the website).