“I was grateful for being able to lean into and lean on this goodness of God.”

Earlier this week I had the following experience:
The pilot announced at the start of the flight that it would be smooth, until our descent. He said we would be experiencing turbulence. And as we got closer to the descent, he once again told us this and asked that the flight attendants finish their work right away and sit down.

Once, when flying and frightened by the turbulence, in turning to God I “heard”, “Thy mercies, O Lord, is in the heavens; and thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds”. (Ps. 36:5) I laughed out loud! And my fear of turbulence left and has never returned. I knew and have continued to know that there is NO turbulence in Truth, in God, and that is where we are no matter where we seem to be outwardly.

So I was alert when I heard the pilot’s prediction. I was alert to know that we were safe in God.  And in God there is no turbulence. The power is of God, good. However, the wind storm that we descended through was a new experience for me. The roaring and shaking was intense. It could have felt dangerous. But it didn’t to me.

I felt an authority in the consciousness and affirmation of the Truth:
- where we were was in the omnipresence of God, Spirit.
- the intelligence that governs the universe in harmony was the intelligence of the pilot and all.
- the only power was God, Love.
- we were safe in God's “wind”, “... the movements of God's spiritual government, encompassing all things." (SH 597:27)

I was not afraid but grateful for the generosity of spiritual Truth, grateful for the pilot, grateful for being able to lean into and lean on this goodness of God. We landed well. And while the howling winds made walking outside difficult - and sand was stinging - my heart was quiet and so grateful.

Everything I’d known through the descent during that flight, is true and authoritative now relating to government and world peace.

Watch! till the storms are o'er —
The cold blasts done,
The reign of heaven begun,
And love, the evermore.  ’00, p. 15