“I reasoned that divine Love…did not stop and start. It was not dependent on me calling it up.”

I am so grateful for an experience that reminded me how natural it is to turn to prayer.

This past summer we had a beautiful healing of our dog.  She started to limp and within a couple of days both legs on one side were not working as they should, to the point she could not walk.  My husband and I turned to prayer about the situation.  I had been listening to the “Anthology of Classic Articles” Vol. II, in the car during my drive to work.  I love this Anthology and I will spend days listening to the same disk before moving to the next one.  The article that week had the counsel to exchange material evidence with spiritual fact.  Every time I was confronted by the material picture, I exchanged it with the spiritual reality which was that our dog expressed freedom, strength and health.  As we both prayed, progress was quick, and within a day she was walking and within two days, walking freely again.

More recently I seemed to have a very aggressive sore throat that continued for a number of weeks.   We had returned from a wonderful family trip out of the country, spanning a number of time zones.  I was having trouble getting back to regular sleep, and was right back to work and the fullness of family activity.  I was exhausted and in pain.  I called a practitioner for help.  She said she would pray for me and asked me to just feel divine Love.  I went to sleep that night resting in the "consciousness of Love". (SH, p. 578)  I remembered the love expressed by family on the trip, ones who I had not seen for many years and others I met for the first time. Taking the trip had been a blessing for us and them and I knew there could be no negative consequences.  I silently reached out to my Mother-Father God to feel the divine Love that is so much more than human affection.  I fell asleep and had the first good sleep since returning.  When I awoke, the pain had diminished dramatically.  Within a day I gratefully thanked the practitioner. A couple of days later the symptoms seemed to return.  I knew what to do. I went back to divine Love.  I reasoned that divine Love is always infinite eternal love.  It did not stop and start. It was not dependent on me calling it up.  I just existed in Love.  I just prayed with this until I knew that my being was whole and free of pain.  The aggressive symptoms ended quickly after, and my sleep returned to normal.