"You're asking the wrong question!"

Recently (out of the blue), I suddenly experienced a throbbing, swelling, even feverish feeling in one of my fingers. My first thought (though not the best), was "what did I do to my finger?" I tried to think, did I jam it on something, did an insect bite it. Perhaps it's the dreaded arthritis that is so much in conversation and the media with seniors. Well, after going through all the possibilities of what it might be, I remembered an instance in class, and I don't even remember the discussion or circumstances. We students must have been asking "the teacher", why this?, or why that? And I remember your answer, "You're asking the wrong question!" That so impressed me that I have turned to your stern though loving response many times since class, and have turned my question of doubt into an affirmative declaration of truth. So this time with the occurrence of pain in my finger I did the same thing. My first instinct was to pick up a Journal that was close by and find an article to sit and read. But then I thought, "No, the chapter on ‘Creation’ that Skip assigned us". So that is what I did.

I read it through with no doubt or fear concerning my situation, knowing what is true about man. There were so many truths that jumped out at me that contained the word "true" and what is true about man. Just to quote a few: "Man reflects infinity, and this reflection is the true idea of God." (p. 258)  "The human capacities are enlarged and perfected in proportion as humanity gains the true conception of man and God." (p. 258) "In divine Science, man is the true image of God." (p. 259)  "The true likeness cannot be lost in divine reflection." (p. 259) "Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true, and you will bring these into your experience proportionately to their occupancy of your thoughts." (p. 261)

Although the healing was not instantaneous, I did go to sleep that night feeling at peace and not asking the "wrong question" any longer. When I awoke in the morning the swelling had subsided, the feverish feeling in the finger was gone, and by the end of the day all discomfort had disappeared. Thank you for these assignments that take us "back to the books" and Mrs. Eddy's writings which should be our FIRST source to turn to for healing!