Gratitude to God for guidance and protection

I would like to give gratitude to God for guidance and protection from the belief of accidents.  I was driving to my younger daughter sports event 2.5 hours south of us yesterday morning.  I was driving alone as she was riding on the bus with her team mates.  There had been a snow storm in the days before and the roads were still snow and ice covered, especially further north where the older daughter was headed to work.

The roads were not great and it was a long drive alone, and I took the time to pray and be with Mind and remind myself of my commitment to push away the world and the work which seems to so often take over my life and push out the time for prayer.

The 23rd Psalm was my meditation and I was grateful to have quiet time to be grateful for God’s mercy in giving us green pastures to rest in and peaceful waters to be beside. Safe places where we would live all the days of our life.

The sports competition was good; the team was cohesive and joyful and expressed energy and life and spirit.  But when we got home my older daughter told me that she and her co-coach had been in an accident that morning.  The co-coach had “fishtailed” on the ice into the other lane in the way of an oncoming car.  She accelerated into the snowbank to save from getting hit.  I was so grateful for God’s guidance of her thoughts.

I am very grateful for this demonstration, and I want to share my gratitude and put it in words as a reminder and renewal of my intention to God to pray and to demonstrate. It wasn’t just a near accident that happened to work out ok. It was proof of the presence of God and the power of prayer.

On My Own, Not Alone

Back in September, I was feeling pretty desperate. We had been almost ready to put our house on the market when hurricane Sandy hit in 2012.  It took four years to finish fixing all the (thankfully minor) damage.  After a year on the market, we finally had buyers, who assured us they could close at the end of August.  We weren’t so sure of that, so we arranged to close on a house at the end of September.  By mid-September, it seemed that that wouldn’t happen either.

It wasn’t that I wasn’t praying and working hard metaphysically, but my sense of peace each time I found it, turned out to be fragile and easily broken.  At this point I sent you a couple of emails.  After all, when the going gets tough, go to your teacher, right?  An email exchange with Bree brought the information that you weren’t available.

What? No Skip! Now what do I do?  What I did first was realize how loving and warm Bree’s message was.  I felt hugged.  I wasn’t alone at all.  That broke the mesmerism,  I realized that my Teacher – the Bible and Science and Health – are always with me.

I began to look back through the citations I’d been working with.  By this time I had quite a collection.  The ones that really stood out were about trust.  I organized those into a set of readings (I was scheduled for a Wednesday evening in a few weeks.)

By the time that Wednesday arrived, the end of September had come and gone, along with our deposit on the house we didn’t buy. Yet I felt buoyant! I finally had an understanding of what “self-reliant trustworthiness” (S&H 23:27) is. And after the service my husband asked if he could borrow the books for a few days to study the citations.

The change in our outlook brought about change in our situation. We realized that we had options we’d never considered before. As we explored those, our sense of trust deepened. We were being guided into new ways of thinking humanly and spiritually,

In early November, we had the opportunity to attend a Christian Science lecture given by a friend and fellow Association member.  Her subject was freedom and, oh, how it spoke to me!  It was what I needed to complete claiming my freedom from limitation, from being constrained to stay somewhere that I didn’t want to be.

Two days later we received the news that our buyers’ house was under contract and they could move forward with buying ours.  We did some house hunting and found one even better suited to us than the one we didn’t buy.  We’ll be moving in mid-February ready for our next great adventure.

I doubt that you often receive a thank you note for not being available. The lessons I learned, the growth and support I found along the way are invaluable gifts. Thank you.

The perfection of man is intact

Here’s an experience our Association family might enjoy hearing about. I had a dentist appointment scheduled to get a crown. I already have a few of these and I wasn’t thrilled about getting another one. I had hoped for that appointment where they say “Everything looks fine.”

I had been feeling kind of despondent and worried about the world these days. I don’t remember which event it was that was bugging me the day before the appointment because it seems like every day there is challenging news.

I couldn’t get to sleep and I knew I had to do something about my state of thought so I got out some inspirational readings I had put together on Concord last year. The theme was holding crime in check and the unreality of evil. Here’s one of the passages from Miscellaneous Writings: “If God is Mind and fills all space, is everywhere, matter is nowhere and sin is obsolete. If Mind God is all-power and all presence, man is not met by another power and presence, that – obstructing his intelligence – pains, fetters and befools him.  The perfection of man is intact; whence then is something beside Him that is not the counterpart but the counterfeit of man’s creator? Surely not from God for He made man in His own likeness.”

I went to sleep more peaceful than I had felt in a long time, feeling clearly that God is All-in-all.

When I got to the dentist the next day he looked in my mouth and said “Hmmm…maybe this isn’t as bad as I thought.”  He looked at the x-rays again and said, “There’s a possibility that the decay doesn’t connect with the other area that I thought it did. I’ll know after I drill the old fillings out.” He drilled them out and then decided to just put a new filling in. He’s a very experienced dentist I’ve been going to for 30 years and just two weeks prior he had been sure this was crown-worthy and the insurance company agreed, pre-authorizing it after seeing the x-rays.

What I love about this experience is that I was not working on my tooth!  I have often dwelt on the physical things that need healing, with list of things I need to “work on”.  But this time, by changing my worldview even temporarily from “decaying” to perfect, this took care of the problem on my personal level also.

I connected this to another dental experience a few years ago. (I may have written this in before).  This time what was upsetting me was seeing houses go up in a huge development near my home, a development we had fought for years and now apparently lost.  As I was driving by one day feeling angry again, I realized that I had just been teaching Sunday School the day before and was telling 8-yr olds about how to handle anger through prayer.  I sure wasn’t walking the talk myself.  So, I decided to send a silent blessing for all my new neighbors each time I drove by instead.  When I went to the dentist a few weeks later they were confused because they had put a “watch” on a tooth expecting to see a worse condition this time, but instead, the dentist couldn’t figure out why there had been a watch on that tooth because there was no evidence of anything wrong.

I could see the unreality of both claims

By the way of introducing this testimony, this past fall, I served as a coach for the high school football team at the school where I teach.  On our team were a brother (a senior) and his younger sister (a junior), I had known them both and worked with them over the past several years.

During a football game, there was a long stoppage of play.  When I looked up, a player was down on the far side of the field.  I began to pray, as I headed across the field, where an array of medical trainers and others were gathered around this boy. The human sense testimony was that the boy had lost consciousness, and while he had regained consciousness, he had pains in his chest. Knowing that the boy had a sibling on the team, I went back to our sideline to get the contact information from the sibling so that I could call the boy’s mother.

When I got back to our sideline, there was another crowd of people surrounding the sibling, who was having difficulty breathing from what people said was a “panic attack”.  At this point, I could see the unreality of both claims.  Neither picture was true and I didn’t have to believe the panic attack or the claim of injury on the field.  This understanding helped me comfort the sibling, settle the sideline situation and go back to the field so the boy could speak on the phone with his mother.

By this time, an ambulance had arrived for the boy and I agreed to ride in the ambulance with the boy. I went back to the sideline and found the sibling completely calm and our team on a knee, praying for their teammate. I reassured the sibling everything would be okay and I felt a strong sense of love that was there. The citation, from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mrs. Eddy, that “Whatever holds human thought in line with unselfed love, receives directly the divine power” was applicable (192:31).