Gratitude to God for guidance and protection

I would like to give gratitude to God for guidance and protection from the belief of accidents.  I was driving to my younger daughter sports event 2.5 hours south of us yesterday morning.  I was driving alone as she was riding on the bus with her team mates.  There had been a snow storm in the days before and the roads were still snow and ice covered, especially further north where the older daughter was headed to work.

The roads were not great and it was a long drive alone, and I took the time to pray and be with Mind and remind myself of my commitment to push away the world and the work which seems to so often take over my life and push out the time for prayer.

The 23rd Psalm was my meditation and I was grateful to have quiet time to be grateful for God’s mercy in giving us green pastures to rest in and peaceful waters to be beside. Safe places where we would live all the days of our life.

The sports competition was good; the team was cohesive and joyful and expressed energy and life and spirit.  But when we got home my older daughter told me that she and her co-coach had been in an accident that morning.  The co-coach had “fishtailed” on the ice into the other lane in the way of an oncoming car.  She accelerated into the snowbank to save from getting hit.  I was so grateful for God’s guidance of her thoughts.

I am very grateful for this demonstration, and I want to share my gratitude and put it in words as a reminder and renewal of my intention to God to pray and to demonstrate. It wasn’t just a near accident that happened to work out ok. It was proof of the presence of God and the power of prayer.