“Doing it not just for myself, but for the whole world”

My fruitage this year is in a greatly improved outlook, less fear, and freedom from reliance on drugs of any kind. I was in a lot of mental turmoil, but I have (once again) come through the fog of pain, depression, and anxiety.

I have a bulletin board in front of my desk, and at the top in big letters I have the words “Rise in the strength of Spirit to resist all that is unlike good” and in smaller letters underneath, “God has made man capable of this, and nothing can vitiate the ability and power divinely bestowed on man” (S&H 393:12). I know that every time I resist the temptation to be afraid, I am doing it not just for myself, but for the whole world, and that thought has helped me on numerous occasions.

I have read through the wonderful collection of healings many times now. I have a few favorites. One is from the story of the little girl who fell out of the window (pp. 76–77). When she asks her mother why she can’t move her legs, her mother replies, “You can move them. Mind governs, and you are always perfect.” I go back to that reply over and over. It is so absolute. There is no “Well, we’re working on it and you may be able to move them soon.” I imagine that she is my mother and I’m asking her why I can’t [whatever], and then receiving the absolute response of “You CAN.”

The other story I love is the one of the mother whose son has passed on (pp. 41–42). She screams and is about to leave the room, when her own conscience calls her back to face up to the situation. I love how she looks death in the eye, saying, “You lying devil!” I have used this expression a lot lately, especially this week when a dear church member passed on. I just look at the situation and say, “You lying devil!”

I am so blessed with my branch church. We are reading Miscellaneous Writings together in small groups as a part of a bigger mission to come up with a vision and action statement for our church and a direction for outreach. It’s a powerful activity and just about every church member has signed on to it.

I am so blessed to be growing every day and for a practitioner, who quietly sticks with me, saying few words but sharing powerful, absolute truths.