“Ready to say “YES! I will support you with treatment.”

Below are my answers to the questions that came with the booklet of testimonies. This assignment has really, really inspired me to keep on.

Question 1. I may not feel differently about Christian Science so much as I feel differently about my own ability to practice it. I always understood Christian Science heals. Had I contemplated quite so fully what a healing treatment does? Not exactly.

I read the testimonies and want to practice Christian Science! True inspiration and insight heals! God is always ready to heal, so I am able to take any case that is properly presented to me by God. Mind will provide me with opportunities to demonstrate and share Truth; I must be fearless in accepting the call.

When I give treatment, I must expect a powerful result, for it is Mind expressed. Treatment is a powerful tool and not done casually. We must do it right, and must be prepared to see lives transformed and glory given to God.

This assignment also amplified my love of testimonies, which I gained through class instruction. (Before class, I skipped the testimonies in the Sentinel and Journal; now I turn to them first.)


Question 2. Have I had any direct healing experiences from reading the assignment?

Absolutely! Reading these testimonies relieved depressing suggestions that I cannot practice Christian Science fully and with right results. These testimonies cast out fear and have allowed me to be ready to say “YES! I will support you with treatment!” They have reminded me I can go into the practice here and now, without waiting to get an office or an official title of “Christian Science Practitioner.” The assignment inspired me to be ready, and when a few calls came over time, I was ready.

I find myself enlightened, relieved of burdening, darkening doubts. I have new joy and rightly placed confidence—placed on God, Mind, Principle.

When personal relationships are difficult and other people seem darkened to the Truth, reviewing these healings casts out the imposition of error. When I heard a close friend complain, “How can God heal _____?” I was able to gently remind him that all things are possible to God and that there is nothing physical to heal. I wasn’t his practitioner, but I realized that as his friend I had to lovingly handle this suggestion as it was voiced. I have evidence of the power of Christ, Truth, to make all things new!