Daughter’s healings bring a “much more natural sense of the power and authority of Truth.”

Last summer at camp, our daughter was healed of a rash. We had her work directly with the practitioner. Within a reasonable amount of time, the healing was evident.

Then we received the Association assignment to heal someone outside the family, although family was fine, too. So when our daughter complained of a sore throat, my husband and I decided that we would pray about the situation ourselves.

I remember sending our daughter to school and telling her we’d work. As I ran errands, I prayed and felt the reassurance of reality present and overriding. While I was out, she called me on my cell phone. The school nurse said she didn’t have a temperature, but might be coming down with something. I encouraged her to stay at school and do her best, but to call again at lunchtime if she needed to. I called my husband and we continued to work.

She did call at lunch, and told me that she wanted to have a friend over to do homework after school. I said that she must be feeling better, and she acknowledged that she was. She did have the friend over, and from then on, the sore throat left thought more and more. At one point, she complained about a runny nose, but we kept refuting the claims. What might have gotten worse instead took a turn for the better. And we were grateful.

Then I had some cold symptoms that gave me a rough night. At the time, I was working with a practitioner about some other problems. By the next day I was able to teach without any interfering symptoms.

Other recent healings, including the healing of some ugly sores and discharges around my daughter’s eyes, have caused me to dig in deeply and really lean on God. All of these claims were fully met. I’ve been getting a clearer sense that the imposition of fear, which can seem pretty aggressive, just doesn’t matter in the face of the power of Truth. Even though it may seem that fear is wreaking havoc with me, I have found reassurance in knowing that isn’t where it’s at—fear isn’t going to stop Truth from having the upper hand. This has been a significant step forward for me. I am working to continue to be obedient to this much more natural sense of the power and authority of Truth.

It feels as if error would like us to fall back into the routine, so we really do have to work at it. But if we slip up, we’re able to “turn our gaze in the right direction, and then walk that way” when we realize it’s time to head home again. (S&H 248:25–26)

Thank you, Father!