My friend “raced home with the Sentinel…to share with her husband.”

I have some dear friends (not Christian Scientists) who recently got married. One night when I was at home, the wife rang, saying she needed to come and stay with me. I didn’t ask too many questions, but welcomed her with open arms. Amidst the tears, she explained that they felt they had made a terrible mistake. She wasn’t sure how long she would need a home, but didn’t know where else to go.

We talked about Love and how she could feel completely safe knowing that God was caring for her and her husband. Divine Mind would tell them both what they needed to know. I looked through some Sentinels and found just the one I was looking for—the whole issue was about relationships. With it, she went off to bed.

The next morning she awoke smiling and happy, gathered up all her belongings, and raced home with the Sentinel tucked under her arm to share with her husband. Later that day, her husband arrived to say that they had both read the articles cover to cover, individually and together. If I didn’t mind, could they keep it a bit longer?

I’m so grateful for all the periodicals. So often they cover exactly what is needed, in varying degrees of depth to make them accessible to all. I am more conscious now of trying to be alert for ways to share them, for often it makes all the difference.

Broad smiles and complete healing for two dear friends who couldn’t help but be touched by the Truth.